Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Take a Scenic Peek at Emaar Group’s Gorgeously Refurbished Al Alamein Hotel

A blast from the past has never looked and felt this beautiful.

Staff Writer

If you were in the market for a scenic dip into the past, but could never afford that time machine you saw on auction, look no further; the long-storied, picturesque Al Alamein Hotel is back in business with a funky-fresh new coat of paint.

For those of us craving a retro-infused week (or two) away from the grimy hustle and bustle of metropolitan Cairo life, the newly refurbished Alamein Hotel has all the trappings and trimmings folks could ever want. With the same 60’s aesthetic that put it in the hearts and minds of Egyptians and tourists alike, but with an added dose of contemporary class, the hotel deftly manages to marry the old and the new. Vintage black and white photos of Egypt’s finest cinematic and musical talents, gorgeously reinvigorated retro interiors, gorgeous art-deco amenities and a lobby fit for a don are all just some of the things folks can expect to marvel at.

For those of you with a passion for the arts, the hotel is still home to Greek artist George Zaongolopoulos’s breath-taking ode to Abdel-Halim Hafez’s Dokko El-Shamasy. A 13 metre monument to the good old days on the beach, adorned with steel umbrellas reminiscent of the titular song, and one of the most revered works of art worldwide – one that graced the Venice Biennale back in 1995. Not to mention the range of sculptures and murals propped up by artists far and wide; including a glamorous mosaic of Egypt’s Star of the Orient, Om Kolthoum.

The folks at Emaar have certainly outdone themselves with this one, but it wasn’t surprising given their stupendous track record. Having crafted their own unique identity in the world of Egyptian hospitality, Emaar are best known for popular vaycay locations the likes of Vida Marassi Marina, The Address Marassi Beach Resort and the Address Golf and Spa – with over 950 rooms between them, and much, much more.