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Engaged Egyptians: Skip Traditional Weddings and Let Signature Events Throw You a Party

A joint venture between Back2Basics CEO Ismail Kassem and Karim Violette, Signature Weddings & Events will turn the most anticipated day of your life into an unforgettable party.

In Egypt, if you don't take care of your wedding plans as early as possible, you'll find yourself sitting in a hall you didn't even pick, on a date you never approved of, with tons of makeup on, in a big poofy dress, with four million people kissing your face – possibly beside a spouse you don't even know. Yea, we're exaggerating a bit, and some people do like the charm of traditional weddings, but let's not act like we haven't YouTubed beach weddings – or destination weddings, or vintage weddings – that are all about partying and bringing your closest loved ones on the dance floor, and actually recognising people in your photos when you look at them afterwards. So why not ditch the wedding planner and get the best party planners in town to plan your big day?The fact that Ismail Kassem, the founder and CEO of Back2Basics is behind this should be enough to guarantee yourself an event that's going to be talked about and possibly told in fairytales at bedtime stories, as he confidently tells us: "We have the capability to manage any kind of event at any scale. We are unique in how we see a wedding can be done non-traditionally. We create weddings that feel like amazing parties, not boring ceremonies!" Signature is described as a "a joint venture," because not only do we get Back2Basics' brilliant touch, but we get Karim Violette, too, who is Alexandria's most renowned event designer and one of the biggest flower importers in Egypt. So, that definitely puts wedding headwear as a dress code to our weddings, duh...

You want an outdoor wedding, or a rustic-vintage wedding? Perhaps a retro one? Maybe one with a flower threshold lined with polaroids of you and your love, or one that resembles your favourite upscale nightclub? Totally possible. How about a wedding where you get la creme de la creme treatment – with planners taking down every little detail you've ever dreamed of to tailor your big day and match it with your taste and imagination? You will be getting pampered by in-house designers and stylists, photographers, and videographers, who are all waiting to give you a wedding that will make all your unmarried friends jealous.

If you've proposed by the end of this article, we suggest you email them at or call 01009703970!