Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Engineer Sara Sabry Chosen as First Egyptian 'Citizen Astronaut'

CEO of Deep Space Initiative and first female Egyptian Analog Astronaut Sara Sabry has been chosen by Space for Humanity to fly on Blue Origin's NS-22 flight.

John Bichara

Engineer Sara Sabry Chosen as First Egyptian 'Citizen Astronaut'

Space for Humanity - a global initiative that sponsors Citizen Astronauts to go into space - has announced that they're sending mechanical and biomedical engineer Sara Sabry on Blue Origin's NS-22 flight, making her their first Egyptian 'Citizen Astronaut' to ever fly to space!

Blue Origin - an American aerospace company - has named their crew of six space tourists who will fly to suborbital space, one year after their debut crewed flight with founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos and Mercury 13 member Wally Funk. The flight will not only bring Sabry as the first Egyptian in space, but will also include entrepreneur Mario Ferreira as the first Portuguese person in space, alongside co-founder of YouTube channel 'Dude Perfect' Coby Cotton, British-American explorer Vanessa O'Brien, as well as tech businesspeople Clint Kelly III and Steve Young.

Having studied Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering in Italy, followed by a course in Aerospace Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Sabry is the first female Egyptian Analog Astronaut. She is the CEO and founder of Deep Space Initiative (DSI), a non-profit company that aims to increase accessibility and opportunity for space research.

Sabry is also a noted pioneer for space exploration and the study of space in Egypt, having co-founded the Egyptian Space Agency's Space Ambassadorship Program when she became the first candidate for Egyptian Space Ambassador.

Earlier this May we had a sit-down with Sabry where we talked about how she balanced her historic efforts towards space with her passions as a yoga instructor, CrossFit coach and Mixed Martial Arts practicioner, just before she officially became Space for Humanity's CA-2 (second Citizen Astronaut).