Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Epic Music Production Courses

Having already turned out a slew of young, talented producers, Epic 101 are back for a new semester of soundcapes...

Staff Writer

Whether you fancy yourself a left-field experimental artist, a House DJ, rockstar or a hippedy hop doo bop rapper, you won't get anywhere without the tools to get the voices in your head out into existence. Epic 101 Studios production courses launched last year and have since become a conveyor belt for some of the most promising Egyptian producers, all with their own unique soundscape, a tribute to the way the courses are crafted to help you find what your sounds is and make it work. Graduates include Aguizi & FahimSHawkyAmr MoustafaTimmy Mowafi and Cartoon Therapy. Courses begin again this month, you can register by e-mailing Visit their fanpage or website for more information. 

The course is set up into two parts. Depending on your ability you can sign up for just one or both:


+ Music production theory, history and technology
+ Audio in the digital world ( Sample Rate, Bit Depth etc. )
+ The Studio environment,
+ Computer based music production
+ Music production equipment in depth
+ Computer music production theory and technical details
+ DAW interfaces and characteristics (Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools etc.)
+ The production process and the different elements in a production
+ Arranging Instruments, Virtual Instruments and vocals
+ Recording theory
+ Microphones and Recording gear
+ Recording vocals and instruments
+ Home studio essentials
+ MIDI usage in live performance and in production
+ Virtual Instruments and synthesizers technical details
+ Sampling and sample based instruments

Part II

+ Mixing theory and essential concepts and terminology
+ Plug-ins and digital signal processors
+ The EQ in depth
+ Using EQ’s in mixing and recording
+ Compressors in depth
+ Using compressors in mixing and mastering
+ Effects processing in depth
+ Using effects to create new sounds
+ Mixing methods and tricks
+ Mastering theory and tricks
+ Music industry overview
+ Artist management, promotion and marketing
+ Music management and business essentials