Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Epic Productions

Epic 101 Studios introduce the first of it's kind music production course in Egypt...

Staff Writer

Egyptians sitting around talking about the music scene is like eunuchs sitting around talking about the Kama Sutra. Very few DJs actually know anything about the process of making the sounds that come out of the colourful spinny things they fiddle about with on stage, and those that do have little experience in actually doing it. It is the year of the khabt and everybody seems (or wants) to be a DJ though, with modern day equipment, the only qualifications you really need to pull off the charade are having hands and ears.

Introducing Epic 101 Studios‘ Music Production Course. Your musical Mr.Myagi will be Hussein Sherbini, talented co-founder of Epic 101 Studios, and one half of the awesome electro-clash duo, Wetrobots (who just came back from a spell-binding European tour). They’re offering a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about music production in an easygoing environment surrounded by like-minded creatives, which’ll ease you in to finding your own sound, and – who knows? – maybe even finding yourself. Awww.

“It is a course made for young artists in Egypt who want a career in music but are limited with their knowledge of music production. They no longer have to go study abroad or book expensive studio hours to produce their music. By taking this course, they will have the knowledge to produce their own music at industry-standard quality and be able to send out polished demos and EPs ready to be played in clubs, on radio stations and even television,” says Sherbini. But why should we believe him? Well, he has a degree from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, the same university where the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson’s guitarist, Steve Vai, and many more artists, studied. He’s also the first Pro Tools HD-certified operator in Egypt. So basically, he knows his shit. The course covers everything you need to know to be able to create and yes, even become a DJ.

The uniform isn't purple. There is no uniform. This is just a strange coincidence.

The course is set up into two parts. Depending on your ability you can sign up for just one or both:


+ Music production theory, history and technology
+ Audio in the digital world ( Sample Rate, Bit Depth etc. )
+ The Studio environment,
+ Computer based music production
+ Music production equipment in depth
+ Computer music production theory and technical details
+ DAW interfaces and characteristics (Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools etc.)
+ The production process and the different elements in a production
+ Arranging Instruments, Virtual Instruments and vocals
+ Recording theory
+ Microphones and Recording gear
+ Recording vocals and instruments
+ Home studio essentials
+ MIDI usage in live performance and in production
+ Virtual Instruments and synthesizers technical details
+ Sampling and sample based instruments

Part II

+ Mixing theory and essential concepts and terminology
+ Plug-ins and digital signal processors
+ The EQ in depth
+ Using EQ’s in mixing and recording
+ Compressors in depth
+ Using compressors in mixing and mastering
+ Effects processing in depth
+ Using effects to create new sounds
+ Mixing methods and tricks
+ Mastering theory and tricks
+ Music industry overview
+ Artist management, promotion and marketing
+ Music management and business essentials

The next course is due to start on May 18th. For registrations, inquiries or to book your free walk in contact:

E-mail:, Telephone: 01006066944, @EPIC101STUDIOS