Sunday March 26th, 2023
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Escaping From the Pyramid Never Looked So Good

We're already addicted to this new Egypt-themed mobile game.

Staff Writer

What do you get when you merge the original Prince of Persia, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and parkour? You end up with the coolest looking game for your phones to come out in years.

Transporting you to the time of Ancient Egyptians, Escape from the Pyramid is a fast-paced visually stunning phone game that was made available for purchase on iOS this week.

Putting you inside a labyrinth maze nestled within a pyramid, the objective of this fast-paced game is simple: collect gems and golden beatles as your fingers try to keep up with the game's speed - jumping, dodging, and changing direction to avoid snakes, scorpions, and spiders as you attempt to, well, Escape from the Pyramid.

On a papyrus background, the game’s layout is impressive and stylish making it seem poised to become a global addiction. The only downside is that this game isn’t free, however after watching the trailer, the $2 price tag seems more than worth it. Developed by Taba Games this App is only available for iPhones and can be on the App Store.