Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Eslam El Sha'ary: the Sounds of the East at Cairo Jazz Club

A unique fusion of sounds and instruments from Central Asia come together for a unique night at CJC, as Eslam El Sha'ary debuts his new band formation Sunday August 16th. We speak to him to find out more...

Staff Writer

Cairo Jazz Club presents Eslam El Sha’ary live this Sunday, August 16th with Mizo Gamal on percussions, Ousso Lotfy on guitar and Yasmine Samy Ibrahim on Violin in a debut line-up you've never heard before. “We play a sort of world music fusion, most of which I personally compose based on the ancient spiritual sounds of Central Asia,” states Eslam El Sha’ary when asked to explain his sound for people who aren’t familiar with it.


From room gig

Posted by Eslam El Sha'ary on Tuesday, 14 July 2015



Inspired too by Persian and Indian classical music and the mountains and deserts of the planet, while incorporating rare ancient instruments to fulfill his sound such as the Afghan Rabab, the Armenian DukDuk, the Kurdish Daf and the Persian Tar, El Sha’ary seeks to perform a rare “experience” through his debut, Central-Asian flavoured album Joanar; an opportunity which no other venue has offered before him in the country. Except for Cairo Jazz Club.

“The music is mostly instrumental but we will be telling a story in between our tracks to set the mood for our audience,” El Sha’ary further explains. “This concert is only for music listeners and we hope the people who attend will appreciate the aesthetic of our innovative performance rather than immerse themselves in the usual chatter,” and a special performance it is indeed - psychedelic and captivating in its nature. Worth the focus and certainly not to be missed.


Find out more about the event here.