Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Etisalat and Tech Fuze Inspire the Next Generation of Tech Leaders

Etisalat was the main sponsor of Tech Fuze, the biggest technology conference in Cairo.

Staff Writer

There is no doubt about the overwhelming role technology plays in the development of societies all over the world. In the spirit of progress, Etisalat was the main sponsor of Tech Fuze, the biggest technology conference that Cairo has ever seen. The sponsorship came in the framework of the company’s leading strategy aiming to scout for new talents and enhancing their unique strengths in the information technology sphere.

Tech Fuze provides the perfect opportunity for the technological community to network and learn from each other, as well as to hear from some of the technology industry’s most important CEOs and innovators.

Etisalat's participation in the conference hopes to answer one leading question. As Dalia El Gezery, Etisalat Misr’s Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer, asked, “How can we shape the current workforce and become future ready?”

El Gezery added, “The recent years brought tremendous change to the overall talent landscape and it is only just a beginning. Top companies find themselves in the constant hunt for talented and skilled employees, at the same time, diversity and inclusion are becoming more important.”

Additionally, the company's participation in the conference reflected their strategy to shape the future workforce, nurture a purpose-driven culture, cultivate a great work environment and design a consumer-grade employee experience all throughout the use of the latest technology and data insights. 

Having been crowned Top Employer in Egypt for 2019 by the Top Employer Institute, comprehensive independent research revealed that Etisalat Misr is establishing a talent framework that lays out key qualities, behaviours and motivations embedded in its workforce so the company can deliver on its total brand promise.

El-Gezery commented that Etisalat has been awarded this reputable prize after conforming to certain standards including the strategic assessment of the workforce, privileges offered to the employees, core values, team development and leadership skills. The company's designation as the Top Employer came as a unique conclusion of the year. “Having cultural and internal standards that conform to the international criteria has been always a source of pride,” said El-Gezery.

The conference, which took place on the 13th and 14th December at the beautiful Nile Ritz-Carlton, hosted an amazingly dynamic, inspiring group of people in the field of technology. Etisalat Misr presented a captivating and progressive speech on the current technological scene, how embracing technology drives the world forward and how it reflects Etisalat’s brand promise as the fully-digital telecom operator in Egypt. The company maintains its ideology of ensuring that it is constantly providing its customers with the latest technologies, in anticipation of the digital mysteries yet to come. Through a few awesome interactive booths, Etisalat offered a business account management mobile app, a customer chatbot and a troubleshooting tool that provides network healing solutions.

It’s conferences like Tech Fuze that propel Egyptians to make great strides in the evolution of technology locally and internationally, hopefully inspiring the next Egyptian tech genius to blaze the trail into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.