Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Exclusive First Look at Kojak's Fearless New Collection 'Wild Hood'

Bringing back 90's hip, Kojak's most recent 'Wild Hood' ready-to-wear Winter Collection is simply daring, brave, and unconventionally sexy.

Staff Writer

Lollipops, Walkmans, Gameboys, chokers, and hard-core grunge are all things that pinpoint the 90’s as a time of global sartorial and cultural change, and mark the beginning of ‘cool’. Since then, we have gone back to classics, basics, and simplicity, especially in the world of fashion.

Bringing back crop tops, skirts, velvet, fur, and all things 90s to Egypt, is young and bold fashion designer Kojak. Named ‘Wild Hood’ (and rightfully so), Kojak’s new ready-to-wear winter collection is daring, reckless, and unconventionally sexy. He sends us into a heedless universe where love stories go wrong, turning us into wild and careless beings yearning for romance! “We always refer to the 90s when we talk about ‘cool’… I want people to wear something edgy and cool, but also easy,” Kojak tells us. Adding to the 90s feel are the captions used in the photo-shoot that blur the line between lust and heartbreak – in the sexiest way possible!

While being ‘wild’ and ‘cool’ in Egypt is often over sexualised, Kojak breaks down these ingrained barriers and stereotypes by relating his collection to the idea of watching a movie. “When you watch a movie, you don’t have to like what’s happening in the movie,” he says, “but you take away the experience, knowing that you have explored something different.” The appeal here lies in creating a new edge; if something doesn’t work out for you the first time – like a love story – take it, restyle it, and own it. Each garment of this fearless collection has been carefully designed to be worn alone, or to be easily styled with other pieces from the collection.

Gawk with us as we take an exclusive first look at Kojak’s Wild Hood winter collection!Checkout Kojak's Facebook page here and his Instagram here

Shoot by: @plushstudioseg
Makeup by: @makeupbyfarahadly
Stylist: @ahmedwsorour

Sohaila Kandil
Iman el deeb
Raghdaa Gamal
Mirna Nakhla
Tarek bob
Youssef Kandil⁠⁠⁠⁠