Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Exclusive: Hot New Beach Club Set to Open Next Weekend in Sokhna

You'll want to be part of the Clique.

Staff Writer

You know how after Sahel season your boobs go back to dangling, your ass gets saggy, your belly expands, your hips revert back to their orange peel texture, and your entire world spins out of control? That's your body's way of telling you it wants more sleepless nights, party shenanigans, sunny days, and cocktails! Don't pack away that skimpy bikini just yet, sister, 'cause summer ain't over yet. You'll have plenty of time to drink full fat hot cocoa, slurp potato soup in bed, and grow your armpit hair this winter; but for now, party season is on full swing – except Clique is taking the party to Sokhna.The best thing since sliced bread, and located a mere 45 minutes away from Cairo, on a private beach in Stella Di Mare, the isolated oasis that is Clique Beach Club is putting a stop to the never-ending "so whose chalet are we going to this weekend?" conundrum; you can drive up the coast Friday morning, skimpy bikini and new Tom Ford sunglasses in hand, spend the day partying at the beach club and soaking up the sun, and still make it back in time for the nocturnal party du jour in Cairo. Hurray for day trips! The brand new spot will be opening its doors as the 'it' place to be with your clique regardless of where you're spending the night – because, you know, high school never really ends.
The beach oasis is truly just that – an exclusive, secluded beach that's only open to those who walk through the Clique doors. You can breathe out now and stop worrying that your aunt and your annoying cousin are going to waltz in with their ma7shi picnic. And guess what? Unlike every other place that makes you pay an absurd entrance fee to go in and have the privilege of breathing in their air, Clique charges a 200 EGP cover that you can use to buy food, drinks, and whatever else your little heart desires. The air at Clique is free.
Clique opens 6th October weekend with a three-day Blurr Events shebang, and here is why we know this one is for the books: Thursday is going to be all popping and locking with the legendary Ramy Djunkie, followed by a fist-pumping Friday with A-Squared, Misty, Hafez, Fayek, Ashraf Hasib and Aly B, before we bid Clique a funky farewell with Marc Wahba on Saturday! But no worries, Blurr will be back at Clique every weekend for a kickass party.Now that Egypt's got a proper day use beach – YAY! –with a killer party every weekend – YAY again –what more could we want, right? Wrong. What happens if your friends' parents are all heading to Sokhna and you find yourself chalet-less? You give Clique a call, confidently reserve yourself a spot, and then get a huge discount at Stella Di Mare for reserving your stay through Clique.

Yeah, it don't get no better. Head over and #FindYourClique.

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