Friday March 31st, 2023
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Exclusive Look at Kojak's New LSD-Inspired 'Trippin' Campaign

Prepare to be taken on an acid trip down the rabbit hole of Kojak's world.

Staff Writer

Put it on your tongue, close your mouth, shut your eyes and prepare to be taken on an acid trip down the rabbit hole of Kojak's world. A world constructed by the creative hands of young and acclaimed Fashion Designer Mohanad Kojak, lined with vintage wallpapers and inhabited by soft florals and sharp patterns. A world where uncomplicated glamour presides. 

The photoshoot, aptly titled Trippin, chronicles the stages of an LSD trip; the preparing, the in-taking and the delirious blurry submergence. The Kojak population are unique and not afraid to express it. They’re also just like us, obsessing over their selfie game, their Oppo phones and vintage hand mirrors. The photoshoot, along with the collection, is a portrayal of young life. And what’s more trippy than actual life? “People don’t see the strength in youth, in how creative and perseverant they can be. This is my own message to empower youth and fuel the individuality that is always scrutinized, asking them to allow themselves the freedom to be as crazy as they want to be without limitations,” Kojak elaborates. The collection vividly embodies the individuality of the modern human being, the harmony of distinct styles and the deconstructed sense of taste that don’t belong to one school. Kojak invites you to a world where there is no need for categorization and labels, where you can fashionably be every bit of yourself. 

The collection was inspired by the Parisian street-style of young and hip people arriving to Cannes Film Festival, the subject of a fashion documentary that he compiled called “Excuse My French”. People might attribute French fashion style to all that is classic and constructed; Kojak, however, was dazzled by street-style vibrancy, he explains. “There was a Korean girl riding a bicycle donning a nice simple dress with a bomber jacket on top and a Converse; heaps of youngsters mixing and matching styles and fabrics, which inspired me to create a ready-to-wear collection that reflects the individuality and strength of youth”.

Trippin is all about patterns softened by smooth fabrics, hardened by constructed designs and adorned with Kojak’s trademark, that is, flowers. “A flower speaks to me deeply, every flower has a different essence and beauty to it. Every flower inspires a different meaning within me,” he tells us. The designs, contrary to regular collection pieces, have no repeated fabrics whatsoever and are, instead, a mix and match of style and theme. The modern and the vintage fuse together to find women wearing corsets underneath a satin bomber jacket, pleated skirts with a floral outburst, or men in silk shirts and jackets contrasted with ripped denim jeans, or flower-power blazers. It’s a fascinating explosion in the spirit of all that’s beautiful; a hazy commemoration of styles from all over the time spectrum that is bedazzling and enchanting, with a flare for the old-fashioned.

Kojak has given us an exciting exclusive walk into the Kojak world, and here are some snippets. Stay tuned for the full campaign on Zoom Fashion.

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Photography: Mohannad Kojak

Hair Stylist: Kriss Beauty Salons

Makeup Artist: Diana Harby