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Eye Definitely Shwood

A new eco-friendly eyewear brand has just hit Egypt.

With summer season close to being in full swing, self-aesthetic appreciation hits us once again and more than just getting that right formet el Sa7el, we CairoSceners need to make sure we have the perfect shades too and we're tipping on these wooden wonders to be right on trend.

Shwood Sunglasses were one of the first to kick up the au natural frenzy with eyewear a few years back and have since been smothering the pages of all the sorts of cool online street-wear magazines and high-end fashion publication that make life seem like one big Instagram video. They're now selling in Egypt.

They come in a variety of sizes and hues from the more classic- shaped Canby to the super stylish round Belmonts. They're also somehow environmentally friendly even though they're made from trees. Somehow.

We're willing to forego our long lasting tradition of buying plastic pairs on bulk from Talat Haarb before each holiday to get some Shwood.

You can order from their fanpage here.