Monday December 11th, 2023
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F Stands For February Family Fun At The Dazzling Dandy Mall

From now until the 4th of March, Dandy Mega Mall will be holding a series of events, ranging from amazing dance competitions to hosting some of the animated world's biggest stars, as well as a passionate Valentine's Day affair that should be fun for both families and couples.

Staff Writer

Finding something fun to do with the kids can be a nightmare for Egyptian parents, as exciting kid-friendly events are too few and far between. Looking to provide mega fun starting from now until March 4th, is none other than Dandy Mega Mall, who will be hosting a dazzling month of awesome events ranging from dancing competitions for kids and introducing them to their favourite animated winter superstars, to creating an early romantic Valentine's Day extravaganza that will flame passions while giving you a much needed break from attention seeking children.

Throughout the whole month of February, Dandy Mega Mall will be providing a variety of experiences that are sure to become cherished childhood memories. Starting now, the series of events is designed to be fun for everyone, starting with a Dandy's Dance Competition for the wee one - basically a miniature So You Think You Can Dance, if you will. 

Entering the competition is as easy as it gets - all you have to do is capture your genetic prodigy busting a move on video, make a CD of said move being busted, and then hand it in at the application desk at the atrium of the mall. The performances will then be put online with the public voting for their favourite. The best 30 performance will then be asked to take part of an amazingly adorable March 4th stage performance, with the top five dance routines taking home some stellar shiny surprises. So you think your kid can dance? Well this is the way to prove it, and it is but one of the exciting events taking place at the fanciest of malls.

Not exciting enough? Well how about making your children's dreams come true and personally introducing them to their favourite winter princess and belovedly cool animals sporting the happiest of feet. On January 30th, some of the silver screen's biggest coldest animated superstars will be frolicking in the mall, and will definitely be something your kids will be talking about around the juice station at school. Those who choose to come in costume or even just participate in the many art activities will automatically get a chance to win some smile-inducing prizes, capping what will be a magical encounter for any youngster.  

Knowing that entertaining children is not the same as entertaining adults, Dandy mall will also be hosting a romantic affair ahead of Valentine's Day on February 12th, which will be hosting, a not to be missed, live serenading performance by the enigmatic Nesma Abdel Aziz Marimba Band, that is set to inspire passion and possibly lead to further baby production.

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