Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Facebook to Launch Egypt-Specific Features and Services

It's about time the region's biggest market gets the pampering it deserves.

Staff Writer

According to Al Mal News, Facebook's regional Dubai office is currently in talks with a number of Egypt-based PR companies in order to launch a media campaign in the country with the highest number of Facebook users in the region.

One unnamed PR company is said to have started reaching out to local media outlets to promote Facebook's venture into the Egyptian market. Al Mal News further announced that Facebook is working on a number of new services which will specifically cater to the needs of Egypt's growing social media market.

The social media giant is also looking into establishing a mechanism to control the spread of 'fake news' in the country, though the specifics of such plan haven't been made public as of yet. We'll be on the lookout for new Egypt-related features and services from Facebook. Hallelujah!  

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