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Facebook Page Calling for the Shaming of Women Gets Shut Down

A page promoting the shaming of "indecently" dressed girls has finally been removed from Facebook, thanks to another group who took action to get it shut down.

There is something terrifying about the sentence, “the end justifies the means”. What kind of means are you talking about and who are you to say it is justifiable? This was the slogan used by a Facebook group, who have taken it upon themselves to set things straight on the streets of Egypt. In a recent post on the page, the group are calling on users to take pictures of any girl who they deem is dressed in an indecent manner for the holy month of Ramadan and share the picture so as to “disgrace” her.

With about 5000 likes we found that the page's concept to be generally very un-Islamic, despite their claims, and found them to be using social media in a most disturbing manner. The page posted a picture of an unveiled woman dressed in trousers and long sleeve suit with the caption (translated from Arabic), “A general campaign where the end justifies the means; if she doesn’t cover herself up, we shame her. Brothers and sisters our campaign will start beginning of Ramadan where we will take pictures and videos of girls who dress indecently and post them on social media. If she doesn’t cover her own self up who will?”

Another group, 'Qu'Allah Nous Guide' have used the link on the post to produce a page that counters the movement. “It is not our page that shares the girls' pictures. We created this page using the link on the photo to diminish damages and protect the girls and Islam,” the page admin added, “We do not want to promote them there might be people who support them and search for them and we do not want to provide the link.” The group Qu'Allah Nous Guide was created for the sole purpose of getting the other page shut down, and fortunately, with more people reporting, the page has been removed. Qu'Allah Nous Guide posted a final statement on their group stating as since they had accomplished what they set out to do, they were now closing down the page.