Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Farah Wagdy Continues to Revolutionize Blazers in Her New Greek Collection

I will have them all, thank you very much.

Staff Writer

Farah Wagdy’s new summer “Greek Collection” continues her legacy of revolutionizing the blazer, and this time she’s collaborating with Authentique, a Toronto-based ecommerce website on the collection’s three blazer dresses!

Participating in a lot of pop-ups in Vancouver Fashion Week and other events, this is how and when they decided to join forces on this capsule collection. 

The Greek Collection’s blazer dresses is meant to give a different definition of what a blazer should be. This way, they could easily be styled and worn to suit various occasions, perfectly suitable for the summer. 

“The colors are vibrant and fresh and very summery. Greece represents the summer season and is a country full of amazing scenery and beautiful views. The inspiration came from the color palette most dominant there,” Wagdy tells CairoScene when asked why she named it the Greek Collection. 

Launching her brand, Farah Wagdy in 2017, she was quickly appraised for her take on blazers, giving them a strong and feminine feat. She’s been featured on Elle Middle East for a collaboration with Maison Mehany during Paris Fashion Week, and since her first launch, featured on Marie Claire Arabia, Cairo West and of course, CairoScene