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Farouk El-Fishawy Goes Public with His Cancer Diagnosis at Alexandria Film Festival

We have faith, too.

Farouk El Fishawy

Egyptian superstar actor, Farouk El-Fishawy, announced yesterday that he is battling cancer. He made the announcement during his speech at an honorary ceremony at the Alexandria Film Festival.

The emotional ceremony, celebrating his long, influential career in Egyptian cinema turned from celebration to compassion after the announcement.

El-Fishawy said that he had been exhausted after a vacation in Sahel, and that his doctor, after tests and scans, told him that he has cancer.

The actor said that he received the news with an open heart, “faithful in [his] ability to defeat it.”

It's uncommon for Egyptian celebrities and public figures to go public with news of illness, as they're usually concerned with projecting a certain image which serious illnesses don't typically fit with. 

Photo: Alexandria Film Festival 2018