Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Fayrouz Teams Up with Massar Egbari for Inspiring New Song and Video

The viral ‘Di Bt3tk’ campaign is encouraging Egyptians to let loose and do things their way.

Staff Writer

What happens when you bring together one of Egypt’s biggest bands with one of its biggest brands? The answer is a very colourful new song and video with a powerful message that's taking social media by storm - one that asks Egyptians to break the shackles and do things their way.

Feeding into its ‘Di Bt3tk’ (Up to You) campaign, Egypt’s favourite flavoured malt beverage, Fayrouz, has gone one step further in pushing its message of empowerment to its drinkers and fans. Said message is built on the foundations of simply being yourself and doing things your way - a sentiment that has been part and parcel of Fayrouz's image. Standing as one of the most unique homegrown brands in Egypt since its launch, Fayrouz have always done things a little differently (apple and watermelon flavour, anyone?), typifying that classic Egyptian ingenuity.

They couldn’t have found a more fitting band to front the campaign in Massar Egbari. The Alexandria natives have in a very short space of time, established themselves as a powerhouse of originality in Egypt and the Middle East, emerging as one of the most popular groups in the region – and they did it all by just being themselves; by throwing caution to the wind and, against all odds, making their way to the top without ever losing their authenticity and essence – things that are at the core of Fayrouz’s ‘Di Bt3tk’.

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