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Fein Farouk's Furniture?

In the greatest mystery since Agatha Christie novels, everybody's wondering where King Farouk's furniture disappeared to.

According to Al Ahram, the guesthouse in the Giza Zoo, where King Farouk used to stay on weekends, has had its historic furniture replaced by cheap Omar Effendi fixtures. The guesthouse had been locked up since 1986 but was used by different visiting ministers during the 80s, and the story goes that one of the wives of the ministers wasn't a fan of the old royal furniture and decided to fix things up.

It turned out that zoo staff have been using the guesthouse furniture, as well as the crockery found inside. The furniture was restored and placed back in the royal guesthouse, but until now, efforts to locate King Farouk’s bedroom furniture have not been successful. We suggest that the large oak legs coming out the giraffe cage might be a clue.