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Female Law Graduates Can Now Apply to Become Judges

Thanks to the efforts of a local NGO called ‘Her Honor Setting the Bar’, women are now able to apply to join the judiciary as judge.

Female law grads can now, for the first time, apply to join the judiciary system as judges, according to the recent official announcement made by the State Council.

Since the establishment of the Egyptian State Council in 1946, women haven’t been able to join on as judges. But thanks to a local NGO called ‘Her Honor Setting the Bar’, there has been a strong push for reform, resulting in a historic step forward.

The NGO was founded by law graduate Omnia Gadalla in 2019, after she was rejected for a judicial position in 2014 on the basis of her gender, despite graduating with honours at the faculty of Law and Shari’a in Al Azhar University. Since then she took the lead to help women overcome this barrier, building a legal team that helps fight their cases pro bono.