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Fifi Abdou Referred to Prosecution Over Tax Evasion

According to the report, Fifi Abdou concealed the total amount of her revenue back in 2016.

On Thursday, Egypt's Finance Ministry referred Fifi Abdou to the general prosecutor for tax evasion. According to Al Arabiya, the famed belly dancer has failed to report on the total amount of revenue she earned back in 2016. 

While the exact court date for Abdou’s trial hasn’t yet been set, evidence from her 2016 tax records show a discrepancy between the revenue from her entertainment enterprise and the actual taxes paid.

The popular belly dancer - who is currently in Lebanon for the Beirut International Women's Film Festival which ends today - has responded to the allegations by stating that she is currently not in Egypt and has no idea of any such tax evasion on her part, according to Tahrir News. 

Tax Evasion cases in Egypt are usually reconciled once the amount of taxes due are paid in full.