Thursday 2 of February, 2023
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Fight Your Sunday Blues Away With The Mostafa Rizk Project at CJC

Come next Sunday, the Mostafa Rizk Project will sing your blues away with their Oriental/Blues fusion at CJC.

Staff Writer

Sundays are the worst, we can all agree on that. We usually start the work week with our heads already fixed on the next weekend. The remedy? Friends, booze, and, of course, Blues. You can find all three at CJC, and this Sunday sees Mostafa Rizk Project taking over the club, a combination that can chase all those Sunday blues away.

Mostafa Rizk Project is one of, if not the only, truly Egyptian Blues performers; their take on Blues is inherently Egyptian, since all the lyrics are in Arabic. Mostafa Rizk Project is not a band, it is more of a collective - a wide range of musicians. It started with Mostafa Rizk, the lead singer, Ahmed El-Sawy the oud player, and Mostafa El-Garhy, the poet and songwriter. Shortly after, it grew and saw the addition of many members including, but not limited to, Sherif Galal the guitarist, Gamal Fahim the drummer, Reda El-Sayed the saxophonist, Hossam Ghalib on the bass guitar, and Robert Rashad on keyboards.

We couldn't hold our excitement and so we decided to track down the boys behind the project and had a quick chat with them in regards to their gig on Sunday. Sherif Galal, the project's guitarist told us, "We are usually really excited when we are asked to play CJC, since it's our favourite gig out there; even though we play other gigs, we usually prefer the more intimate ones, and Cairo Jazz Club is our favourite." When we asked them what people can expect on Sunday, oud player and Music Producer Ahmed El-Sawy said, "We usually play punchy stuff - faster songs; this time, we're taking it down a notch, so people can expect a slower acoustic set. We also have several new songs that we never performed before that will be dropped for the first time at CJC." Well, you know where to find us Sunday night; see ya'll there.

More information is on the event page here; don't you dare miss this one.

Check out CJC on their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @cairojazzclub.