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Financial Times Hails GrEEK Campus As Cairo's Startup Hub

Home of Uber, MO4 Network, Rise Up Summit, and Instabug, the GrEEK Campus is at the centre of Egypt's startup revolution and the Financial Times is digging it!

Our very own GrEEK Campus has made it to the pages of Financial Times with the publication hailing it as a hub for tech startups and angel investors.

In the spread, the newspaper speaks to GrEEK Campus Founder Ahmed El-Alfi, who left California to settle in Egypt ten years ago, where he founded this beacon of entrepreneurial ingenuity in the very heart of Cairo. Alfi talks about being hesitant to open the GrEEK Campus right after the events of June 30th then later summoning his resolve, saying: "I came to the conclusion that there's enough demand, and if you build it, people will come." And boy did those entrepreneurial minds come running!

Home of Uber, Rakna, Rise Up Summit, Instabug, and yes, yours truly (MO4 Network, duh!), the GrEEK Campus truly is an island of creation and inventiveness in a sea of chaos and instability, which, as Cairo Angels entrepreneur, investor, and mentor Con O'Donnell points out, can be quite difficult to maintain. "In terms of local funding there are still a very small number of funds, with a very limited bandwidth and ability to deploy," he tells Financial Times.

Yet, we keep on keeping on! Who needs money when you have got an internet-savvy young, vibrant, and driven population and a generation of entrepreneurs succeeding against all odds anyway?

Read the full feature on Financial Times here.

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