Monday July 22nd, 2024
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First Look at La Bodega Sahel

Our long-beloved Zamalek hot spot La Bodega is opening up its latest venue in Sahel, at Marassi, North Coast, giving us a much-needed taste of gourmet goodness amid Sahel's fast-food humdrum.

Staff Writer

First Look at La Bodega Sahel

We love Sahel's fresh sea breeze and it's picturesque compound. We love it's white sandy beaches, it's scantily clad Cairenes and it's close distance to Cairo. We love it's electric vibe during the summer, constant parties and pool frolics. But, there always seems to be something missing, something that dampens our mood, that makes us want to cry back to mama. The lack of good food!

No longer can we eat a spicy dinner box before going out and a tipsy crispy strips combo after, the greasy madness must end. Why can't we just sit down at a nice lounge, eat gourmet food and sip on some wine whilst we while away those glistening summer hours? Oh, what's that, hello La Bodega, proliferator of to-die-for deliciousness with every meal, La Bodega of sophisticated and romantic vibes. La Bodega of Zamalek will be opening up in Marassi, North Coast with the same menu we've known and loved for years.

Opening this Sunday it'll be an oasis away from Sahel's clubbing culture, set in a beautiful space next to the Marassi golf course, where you can lounge around all dray drinking in the afternoon sun, and have GOOOD food. At night things will liven up a bit with a DJ taking to the decks. Check out a little sneak peak below:-

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