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Five Museums Will be Renovated to Become Accessible to Visitors with Special Needs

Five museums in Egypt are being redeveloped to become wheelchair accessible, with new signs to help the hearing impaired.


A handful of Egypt’s museums are being renovated to become wheelchair accessible for visitors with special needs by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. The work includes paving roads and installing ramps, as well as developing restrooms to accommodate wheelchairs and installing signs to help those with hearing or movement issues.

The museums undergoing these renovations include the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, the Graeco-Roman Museum, the Antony Museum, the Kafr El-Sheikh Museum, and the Royal Automobile Museum.

The General Supervisor of Museum Education for People with Special Needs, Tahany Noah, has said that this work is following a tight schedule and is near completion, but the exact dates we can expect to see these changes in person hasn’t yet been announced.