Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Flat Out Of Heels

Because sometimes, just sometimes, heels can be too much...

Staff Writer

Every hard-partying, socialite of a woman knows that a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo pumps is more than just a pretty pair of heels. It's an archaic method of torture that happens to come in pretty packaging. How many times have you had to take your heels off at a party and go home barefoot, just because you felt like your legs were going to snap like a twig from all that standing around in heels that feel like they're taller than most skyscrapers? How many times have you wished you would have opted for your less impressive, but far more comfortable flats instead of that torturous pair of stilettos?

Vanessa Hudgens knows what we're talking about.

Fret no more, outgoing woman of the social scene, because Flat Out Of Heels has the solution to all your problems! Think fashion-forward flats that take up less space in your purse. FOOH's mission is to help women worldwide relieve themselves from the pain of having to walk barefoot after a night of hard heel-wearing by introducing their flats that can be rolled up and easily stored in a clutch. The celeb-favourite is now available in Egypt and, coming in compact dimensions and a range of sizes, these shoes are the answer to every woman's cry of despair at the end of a long night!

Find out more about Flat Out of Heels on their Egypt Facebook page here and follow @FlatOutEG Twitter.