Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Flights from Barcelona to Luxor and Aswan to Start in April 2019

This'll definitely be making traveling less inconvenient.

Staff Writer

Flights from Barcelona to Luxor and Aswan to Start in April 2019

Spanish company Master Flight will be starting direct flights from Barcelona to Luxor and Aswan on April 1st 2019. This comes following an increase in demand for flights to Egypt, which resulted from Spain loosening its grip on warnings against visiting the North African country.  

Last week, the company also signed a one-year renewal of the original contract sending flights from Madrid to Luxor. The flights will now resume until November 2019.

Galaxia president Mohamed Hassanein adds that Spain makes up a large segment of the cultural tourism market in Egypt.  Hassanein also points out that there’s been an increase of around 60-70 % in Spanish tourism compared to last year.

Currently, cultural tourism makes up around 5% of Egypt's tourism in comparison to 2010, when it made up 18%.

One of the biggest issues facing companies working in the tourism and aviation sector is the increase in ticket prices, which went from EU 250, inclusive of internal flights, to EU 1,000 since the 2011 revolution.

Ali Ghoneim, who runs a tourism company working closely with the Spanish market, urges the Ministry of Tourism to increase its media and advertisement in order to gain more tourists from that market.

Main image taken from globalcastaway.com