Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Flo is Shedding Light on the Exceptional Talents of Egyptians Living with Down Syndrome

Flo's most recent ramadan ad is empowering Egyptian kids who are living with Down Syndrome to express themselves through art and music.

Staff Writer

Every year, as Ramadan rolls around, we promise ourselves that this one will be different than the last. We solemnly swear to give more, swear less, and be kinder. However, most of the time, we’re either in a catatonic state before iftar or in a food coma afterwards. FLO is making giving back a little easier for us by donating part of the proceedings of their sales this month to Zayee Zayek; a foundation that works towards promoting the social inclusion of those with disabilities.

FLO – known for its 'Unique By Nature' slogan – is setting the example by celebrating the individuality of all Egyptians. For this year's Ramadan ad, they're shedding light on a segment of the community that is at times overlooked; the Egyptians with Down Syndrome. Featuring the kids' musical and artistic talents in their Ramadan video, the water brand is promoting social cohesion and empowering those with the disability. All artistic elements within the ad are also created by individuals with down syndrome.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2017 about 10% of Egyptians were living with disabilities which is around 8.5 million. While there aren't exact statistics on the number of those living with Down Syndrome in Egypt, the American Journal of Medical Genetics released a report in 2012 estimates that 1 in 600 kids are born with the congenital disorder, in Egypt. 

Egypt has a limited number of organizations tackling the issue of Down Syndrome and a minimal amount of research done in terms of statistics. FLO is helping raise awareness on the incredible talent of those inflicted with the disorder by empowering them to embrace their uniqueness; one of the brand's core values. 

That's not all though, FLO is leaving the decoration of its 600 ml water bottle up to the kids. For the 1.2 L box, FLO will be offering 20% off with 20% of the proceedings going to Zayee Zayek.

Zayee Zayek is an Egyptian NGO that has been actively working towards including kids with Down Syndrome in various activities and providing an environment of growth.  

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