Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Floral Fun at Ishtar Opening

We headed over to the opening of Ishtar Fashion House's new boutique and it was a floral fantasyland...

Staff Writer

Once again, history repeated itself; we missed the memo about dressing nicely, and we showed up to the opening of a brand new clothing boutique in Cairo, misinformed about the dress code, and looking like total hobos alongside people dressed to the nines in über-fashionable threads. But 3adi, we're used to it by now. We're just going to embrace our inner ripped-jeans-and-oversized-tops-person and rock the homeless look with pride. Anyhoo, we headed to the opening of Ishtar Fashion House's very first boutique in the city, located in Mohandiseen. In case you're planning on going there soon (and we suggest you do), heads up, it is on the top floor so don't be retarded like us and drive around the street fourteen times before realising that hey, it's not actually on the ground floor.

The boutique had however, decked out the interior of the building with fairy lights in honour of the opening and we’re suckers for fairy lights. For no good reason really; they're just so pretty. Anyway, the opening itself was packed with the fashionable fiends of the city, including style bloggers Vichi (aka Islam Ahmed) and Nour Aboulela, all of them decked out in outfits worthy of Instagram posts, which made us feel even worse about ourselves, but we cared not because there was finger food! Waiters circled the store with trays filled with delish salmon and shrimp appetizers as we browsed around.

Ishtar's designer, Rasha Shanab (center)

The boutique, the first actual store for Ishtar Fashion House, is the long-awaited baby of its designer Rasha Shanab, and it was a veritable floral fantasyland, with flower prints dominating most of the clothes. It was all very summer cocktail party, and we are still obsessing over one perfectly form-fitting dress with oversized blue and orange flowers (which you can see in the photo below, far right), and another crop-top-and-pencil-skirt ensemble that was just drop dead gorgeous. Some of the pieces were less than stellar and felt reminiscent of the items stocked at a random, and for lack of a better word, bee2a, Mohandiseen store but these were few and far between and the majority of outfits were totally covetable (we also have our eye on a stunning magenta jumpsuit).

We were then treated to a little mini fashion show in the store itself, which it seems is becoming a trend at store openings, but fair enough because often you get a better sense of what the clothes look like on real humans as opposed to a wooden hanger. There was also a saxophone player, another seeming fixture at many a recent event, but we're not complaining! A little sax always enhances an event. All in all, we'd definitely suggest you give the store a visit! 

You can check out their facebook page here