Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Fly High At CJC With Osama Elhady's Newest Album Release

Someday we hope to soar as high as Osama Elhady, who'll be at Cairo Jazz Club this Saturday with his newest album: Someday I'll Fly (Yawman Ma Hateer).

Staff Writer

Excuse us; we're about to get a little lyrical here. *clears throat*. “Fly me to the moon; let me play among the staaars…” No? Not Sinatra fans? Alright, let's try this: “I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the skyyyy!” See, R. Kelly isn't the only one who thinks about it every night and day; it seems we all want to fly but we just haven't yet figured out how – instead, we just sing about it endlessly. We all want to soar; instead, we sing. Adding to the list of people who want to spread their wings and fly away is Egypt's own Osama Elhady, who's just released his latest album, Yawman Ma Hateer (Someday I Will Fly). The musical mastermind and his band are set to make CJC soar this Saturday with a live performance of the new album, acclaimed by fans to be nothing short of perfection. Chapeau, Osama Elhady.Somewhere between Jazz, Blues, Rock, and a taste of the Orient, Osama Elhady captures the essence passion, goals, and hope for the future through his latest album. How did he come up with the album title? “Whenever I was asked about my goals or my future in music, I would always say someday or one day I will get to where I dream to be; it had become this dominating thought controlling my way of life,” Elhady says. “I have always been obsessed with the concept of flying – especially since I am a big Superman fan, who, by the way, is so much better than Batman. So I figured that my dream and passion should conjoin so that my music would truly represent who I am in a way that would also relate to many listeners.”

While we don't imagine Elhady and the band doing any random Superman poses during their performance at CJC this Saturday – though we wouldn't put it past them; they seem to be quite the fun bunch  – we're sure the performance will be nothing short of inspiring.

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