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Football World Cup for Amateurs Is Coming to Egypt

Fuelled by copious amounts of Red Bull, Neymar Jr's Five will be giving Egyptian football fans the chance to showcase their skills and represent their country internationally.

Providing football amateurs worldwide with opportunity to showcase their skills and represent their countries internationally is Neymar Jr’s Five, an international football competition that is a kind of small-scale World Cup for amateurs.

First introduced in Brazil in cooperation with FC Barcelona’s Ballon D’or Award and sponsored by Red Bull, the competition has finally arrived in Egypt with a twist on traditional football rules. 

The competition is divided into regional qualifier matches, the winner of which will represent their country against the other teams representing their respective nations.

Each team consists of 5 players and each match goes on for 10 minutes. The teams play and for every goal scored against them they lose a player, and when the time is up, the team with the most players on the field wins. The qualifier matches will be taking place all over Egypt until the end of April.