Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Football is 'Anti-Islamic'?!

Breaking news everyone: football is haram. Watching the World Cup is bound to get you in trouble with the Big Guy apparently, or at least that's the case according to some nutters out there like Boko Haram and Al-Shabab.

Staff Writer

Footie fans are risking their lives by watching the beautiful game, according to security experts. Cops in Islamic nations across the globe are beefing up security ahead of Thursday's tournament after a number of Muslim terror groups, including deadly schoolgirl kidnapping nuts Boko Haram.

Roddy Barclay, an analyst at security firm 'Control Risks' gave a severe warning to those intending to check out this year's games.
He said: "There is a common credence amongst groups, including Boko Haram, that watching football matches is un-Islamic. Anyone participating in events that don't align with their vision is potentially a target."

The news comes just days after suspected Islamist militants set off a car bomb that killed 18 people watching a game on television at a center in Nigeria's northeastern Adamawa state.

Meanwhile Al-Shabab, an offshoot of Al-Qaeda, has also issued threats to western citizens intent on watching their footie favourites in action. In 2005, Ulama in Saudia Arabia issued a fatwa declaring football an un-Islamic sport, and urged Muslim youth to quit it immediately. According to the report, the clerics urged the youth to indulge in jihad and other constructive activities that could help the Muslim Ummah.