Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Foreign Travellers in Egypt Will Pay for Train Tickets in Dollars

Reservations and bookings will now be paid for by foreigners in USD or EUR, to reduce financial burdens on the Central Bank.

Cairo Scene

Foreigners travelling in Egypt will pay for their train tickets in dollars or euros starting January 2023, according to the Ministry of Transport. The decision comes in tandem with the inauguration of the Spanish first-class Talgo trains, having officially begun operations this week. With sleeping trains in high demand, their reservation will also need to be made in dollars and euros.

The Ministry of Transport made this decision in cooperation with an unnamed bank under the supervision of the Central Bank of Egypt through the zero account. The ministry will use the foreign proceeds from collecting tickets to pay the value of contracts for trains recently imported from abroad, and to reduce financial burdens - especially in hard currency - on the Central Bank.