Monday 30 of January, 2023
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Forget About William, The World’s Most Popular Prince is Arab

Followed by 3.5 million people, Dubai's prince, Sheikh Hamdan, is the most popular member of royalty on social media.

Staff Writer

Disney may have taught us to lust over white Prince Charmings, but the most popular prince in the world today is Arab. Followed by 3.5 million people across the globe, Dubai’s prince – Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (bet you can’t memorise that in one shot) – is the most followed member of royalty on Instagram, almost tripling Kate and William’s joint account, @kensingtonroyal.

The 35-year-old prince is popular among men and women worldwide, as his account bears a striking difference when compared to the Kensigntons, whose feed is flooded with overly pompous captures of official openings and rigidly posed royal visits.

The Emirati prince’s account, @faz3, is, on the contrary, an array of tender, warm shots with family, and unedited selfies with children and animals during his trips. Prince Hamdan, or Fazza  – the pseudonym with which he signs his own poems – appears fishing tuna with bare hands, holding blocks of concrete, cycling, and photographing animals himself.               

His instagram profile “immortalizes him as the handsome and kind face of Islam, fueling female fanclubs who gather a plethora of Western women, romantically obsessed by the beautiful bachelor Sheikh,” says Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Check out some of his shots.


From #Tanzania ☝🏼️ الصـورة و الـواقـع

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on


Guess I'll be needing a wider lens 🐘📸 #Canon5Dsr #Mydubai

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on


What we think, we become! @XDubai #spartanrace 26.2.2016

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on


Meet my new friend☝🏼️Elsa 🐯

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on