Friday June 21st, 2024
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Fossil of Whale Inside Whale Inside Giant Shark Unearthed in Egypt

Egypt's Valley of the Whales is the UNESCO Heritage Site that keeps on giving...

Staff Writer

Fossil of Whale Inside Whale Inside Giant Shark Unearthed in Egypt

A very rare - and we mean RARE - discovery has been unearthed in Egypt. We aren’t talking about yet another colourful tomb from our ancient past, but rather a fossil of a whale inside a whale inside a massive shark discovered in Egypt’s Valley of the Whales located near the Fayoum governorate.

Appearing like a fossilised marine life Russian nesting doll, a massive shark known as a Megalodon dating back 35 million years ago to the late Eocene Period. Upon examining the fossil closer, palaeontologists discovered a large Basilosaurus (a whale) with another smaller Basilosaurus within it.

They believe that the large whale either ate the smaller whale, or that the smaller whale was a foetus, before being eaten by the humongous Megalodon shark. The larger whale, Basilosaurus grew to up to 65 feet and was believed to be the largest know ocean creature of the period. That was until they found in the Megalodon.

This is not the first fossilised remains to be discovered in the area, as the valley was discovered in 1902 and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since that time, 10 prehistoric whales have been identified, although this fossil marks the first complete Basilosaurus ever to be unearthed.