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Freaky Friday

The splitting image of Mohamed Morsi, Ramadan Al-Sohagi was denied the simple and hilarious pleasure of saying hello to his doppelganger...

Ramadan Al-Sohagi is President Morsi’s doppelganger. He looks, walks, and talks like him. Could it be perhaps that Morsi is actually this street vendor’s doppelganger? It would make sense and clear a lot of things up. On Friday, the real Morsi, or so we think, was at Friday prayer and Al-Sohagai went to say hi to his spitting image. However, he was DENIED. We think it’s ridiculous because it would have made for a hilarious photo-op. Even better, it would have been great if Morsi’s bodyguards confused the two and Egyptian politics turned into a Parent Trap/Freak Friday extravaganza. Basically, what we’re trying to say is we wish Morsi was Lindsay Lohan.