Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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This Friday Your Kids Can Try Out for Foundation Atletico Madrid Egypt at Sodic Sports Club

To celebrate their partnership, the new SODIC Sports Club and Foundation Atletico Madrid Egypt will be holding a Family Sports Day on Friday February 3rd for all family members to put their little ones on the path to football super stardom!

Staff Writer

It is safe to say that Egyptians love their football. We feel silly telling you this, because it seems a bit obvious, really, judging by the soccer balls smashing into kitchen windows all the time and the deafening sounds of vuvuzelas blown into the airwaves every time Egypt is playing. The nation is about to love the game a whole lot more, because our unfulfilled dreams of global soccer domination are finally within our grasp, now that state-of-the-art facilities and world class training have just landed in Egypt.

This month, the new SODIC Sports Club will witness the grand opening of its international FIFA-certified football field in SODIC West, the first of many. Realising that it was about time Egypt becomes a football superpower, SODIC Sports Club, located in Westown, has strategically - and exclusively, in the Sheikh Zayed area -  partnered with Foundation Atletico Madrid Egypt. The collaboration will allow young football enthusiasts, girls and boys, aged 3 to 17, to be trained and guided by world-class Spanish football coaches!

The foundation's programmes focus on sharpening their talents through personalised training and camps in Egypt and Spain. The Academy will also be assisting them in joining local and international football teams. 

Such a unique partnership calls for a unique launch, so mark your calendars (and those of your little ones') for February 3rd from 01:00 PM til 05:00 PM for the chance to enrol the little munchkins at the prestigious Atletico Madrid Foundation. You don't get to just sit around and be a parent at this event! Expect anything from mini family Olympic challenges to lip-smacking delights served up by the city's most renowned food vendors!

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