Friday 9 of December, 2022
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From Protest to Picnic

The English Defence League's mosque protest in York came to a grinding halt when they were surprised to be invited in for tea and biscuits...

Staff Writer

For those who don’t know, the English Defence League (EDL) is not like the League of Extraordinary Gentleman whose goal was to save the world. The EDL’s goal is to save England from brown people. Being a nation of brown people ourselves, the news of their protests at mosques across the UK after the killing of a British soldier on the streets of London by suspected Jihadists, has us worried.

One small group of potentially violent EDL protestors approached a mosque in York, and what happened next was a profound statement about moderate Islam and the true origins of religion. Not only did around 200 non-Muslim white residents of the area come along to help protect the mosque and those inside and around it, but, after a tense hour, the Imam of the mosque was able to diffuse the situation – by inviting the protestors in for tea, biscuits, and, eventually, an impromptu game of football. It’s refreshing to see such conflicts resolved so amicably. If only our own religious leaders did the same.