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This Festival in Egypt Will Give You a Peek Into the Future this Weekend

The festival aims to engage people in the power of the future as well as empower women.

As the world continues to become submerged in the digital world with innovative technologies being developed at astounding speed, companies all over the world are upping their game and Egypt is no different.

Allianz Egypt, part of the international insurance mogul, knows the power of technology all too well and is encouraging its customers to engage with the future by holding the Allianz Tomorrow festival on the 28th of April at Cairo Festival City.

Transforming the CFC playground into a day from the future with activities which will have the whole family exploring the near future of transportation, gaming, networking and entertainment through a series of activities. In an effort to promote future innovations and engage people in the perks of the future, Allianz is sparing no expense. Visitors will get to experience virtual reality simulations and augmented reality zoos. We're most excited about the zoo.

The festival will also host a series of popular female influencers who will be giving motivational speeches; in an effort to empower the women of the future.

The insurance company has already organized a competition for the fastest lego-robot building student among several school, the winner of which will be announced at the festival. We can barely build a car with legos so we're quite impressed as is. The students were coached on how to build the lego robot in several sessions by Robo-kids, during the pre-activation phase of the competition. The winner of the competition gets a to spend three days at robotic summer camp. These kids are killing it, the only camps we knew of growing up, was fat camp. 

Check it out for free by registering here or visit their Facebook. for more details.