Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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GUC Gives Back To The Community

As part of the European Design Build Knowledge Network, GUC architecture students have created something magical where there once was nothing more than garbage. Check out the awesome video here...

Staff Writer

For the first time ever, students of the German University in Cairo are joining forces with students from Germany, Austria, Italy and Canada to get better at architecture and design AND give back to communities. In a hands on assignment entitled DesignBuild, the students are building a community centre underneath a bridge on Dahab Island in Cairo, giving children a place to play and each other the chance to create something architectural in reality. In a video, the group of students have captured their progress, from drawing board to football field…

As part of the EDBKN - European Design Build Knowledge Network - the community centre underneath El Mounib Bridge is the pilot project for many more to come. Construction started in January 2015 and with the help of the local community and NGOs the center, attached to a football field, is entertaining kids and families in an area that was initially the home to a lot of garbage. Check out the video to watch the group of students create something awesome where nobody would expect it.