Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Get Him to the Greek

Tamarai welcomes Athens' finest this Tuesday with a Greek-themed bash. We catch up with Villa Mercedes resident DJ Anjelo before he takes to the decks on the infamous terrace...

Staff Writer

This Tuesday it’s Destination Athens when the Tamarai Terrace comes over all Greek, with a special night featuring the crème de la crème of the Athenian party world. Welcoming Villa Mercedes’ resident DJ Anjelo and a couple of sexy SugarBabe dancers, Tamarai  is putting on quite the show, from one ancient capital to another. We caught up with the excitable Anjelo ahead of the party to find out what he’s got in store for us:

How  does playing in Egypt compare to other parts of the world?

Playing in Cairo is an amazing experience that compares to nothing else. I have been DJing for years around the world and the atmosphere in Cairo is unique.

Are you disappointed to be leaving Greece to go to a Greek party?

Your lifestyle is exceptional! As a result, I am really glad to join you in Cairo without a trace of disappointment, no matter what the theme is.

What is it about the Greek theme that inspires so much excitement?

Greeks are known to be passionate and creative along, with a lot of energy.

What kind of set can we expect from you on Tuesday?

You will enjoy an uplifting set with lots of surprises! Mainstream worldwide vibes! It's time to party!

As always, you can book your spot at Tamarai's Destination Athens through