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Get Ready to Rumble at the 2016 Urban Race

Are you a big fan of racing, competing and kicking butt through obstacle challenges? We've got just the thing for you.

When we were younger, the sole mention of sports was enough to get us crying and PE class was akin to hell on earth. Now that we know better, we relish the few occasions we can actually get to work out and have fun at the same time. This is exactly why we are totally stoked about the Urban Race taking place in Marassi on August 12th.

Powered by GO Sport and organized by Stallions, the obstacle race, which includes blood-pumping challenges through monkey bars, climbing, running and crawling exercises, will be taking place from 9 AM to 7 PM.

But the idea of simply diving into the race is a scary one which is why the organizers have set up a few mini obstacle races around Egypt for adrenaline junkies to practice and even win free tickets to the big race itself. CrossFit Monkeybars, CrossFit Pharaohs, and Fitness Club already had their mini-races, which we totally snuck into to marvel at all the sports junkies displaying their enviable physiques. The GO Sport store was also organizing daily mini races to get prepped up at Cairo Festival City Mall (catch some of the action on their Instagram!). 

Tickets are available for purchasing on or at the GO Sport store itself.

Appropriately, there will be around 50 male and female judges scrutinizing your every move and dishing out penalties during the Urban Race- talk about pressure. The perks, other than the fact that you got to join a kick-ass race at the beach, are that professional finalists get to win cheques, as much as 6000 EGP for the relay race 1st team winner, 3000 EGP for each male and female amateur winner and 4000 EGP for each male and female professional winner, among other prizes. Some lucky ones will also get a chance to win goodie vouchers from GO Sport as well as flight tickets from Travco!

Curious as how to replenish yourself after the race? No worries, Auntie Anne's, Buffalo Burger, Shawarmaster and RedBull will be there for you to gain back all those lost calories.

Find more information about the event on Facebook.

Photos courtesy of RaSport.