Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Get Your Buddha Belly On!

Buddha Bar is hosting a special offer every Tuesday evening with all you can east sushi, for just 199 LE!

Staff Writer

Every now and then, a deliciously fantastic cullinary offer comes along that has the instant effect of making the entire CairoScene writing staff drool in anticipation. In this case, we've marked our calenders for every upcoming Tuesday night, as Buddha Bar is offering the dining deal of the year! For only 199 LE, you can indulge in mouth-watering, all you can eat sushi!

With an authentic chef at the helm, this deal promises to be saintly on the wallet, while being sinfully seductive towards a culinary treat for your taste buds. Mastering the art of chopstics is a life long endeavor, but with an offer like this one, what's a better time to start then Tuesday evening, at Buddha Bar?

For reservations call + (202) 2737 3737