Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Global Instagrammer Face Hunter is Sharing His Secrets in Cairo This Weekend

The non-conformist street style photographer will be giving a workshop on street photography, blogging, and social media at Photopia.

Staff Writer

A revered street-style photographer who's been making waves around the world and amassing a cult-like following with his mixture of fashion and cultural shots, Yvan Rodic – a.k.a. Face Hunter – has just landed in Cairo, hosted by Hadia Ghaleb, for a series of photo shoots and an über inspiring workshop.

Born in Switzerland, based in London, and travelling most of the year, the non-conformist street styler rose to the status of international sensation when his quirky street style shots landed him the publication of two books and a TV series. Having become a cult-like go-to source for both fashion names and marketing agencies, Rodic built a portfolio that boasts names the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Giorgio Armani, and Volvo. This year, beating his own mark and replicating a seemingly incurable knack for innovation, the Swiss photographer launched the world’s first Snapchat agency, A Little Nation.

Celebrity entrepreneur Hadia Ghaleb, shot by the Swiss photographer in Aswan. 

The photographer was already seen roaming the streets of Aswan, where he took a number of killer shots in collaboration with celebrity entrepreneur and fashionista Hadia Ghaleb. “I’ve been curious about this country forever; it’s a very special place. So the best way for me to have insider knowledge were people or friends in some way,” he told CairoScene in an exclusive interview to be released soon.

This weekend, he is leading a workshop titled Street Style Photography, Blogging and Social Media at one of Cairo’s top photography hubs, Photopia. The workshop will extend for two days kicking off on October 21st. Unveiling the secret of what’s to come in the workshop, Rodic said: “On Friday I will be talking about how social media changes our forms of expression, how blogging is becoming a business, and how you can monetise a blog and grow a following.I will also be talking about street style, from its background to its different aesthetics.”

The second day, conversely, will be a more hands-on workshop, where participants will have some time to do it themselves and share the images, he said. The overall workshop will run from 10 AM to 6 PM.

To register and check out the programme, visit Photopia’s Facebook page or directly through the event