Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Glow In The Dark At CJC With Three DJ Duos

Your Monday blues are about to be obliterated by A-Squared, Aguizi & Fahim, and Gawdat.

Staff Writer

Glow In The Dark At CJC With Three DJ Duos

Like sex, music is better in the dark for those who like to maintain a modicum of dignity as they shake their sizable wobbly booties on the dance floor. The last thing you want your fellow clubbers to remember you by is your lack of muscle fitness.   

With this in mind, Cairo Jazz Club has planned a night of glow in the dark fun. To be clear, though, this doesn’t involve glow in the dark condoms or any nasty business like that, so keep it in your pants. Anyway, back to CJC; this Monday, the prolific nightery has arranged for you to get all sweaty on the dance floor to abundant music with three fine DJ duos – that’s six in total, for you high school dropouts: A-Squared, Aguizi & Fahim, and Gawdat. So let A-Squared’s Tech House tunes warm you up and Aguizi & Fahim submerge you with infinitely Deep House beats before Gawdat spin you into a state of Indie Dance and Tech House-induced euphoria.So, this Monday, when your weekly bout of blues start to get the best of you, you know what to do!  

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