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Go Home Facebook..You're Drunk!

Livr - a new social network exclusively for drunkards - is set to change the way we communicate while inebriated...

We've all been there - you've had a few drinks and now (yes, this very moment) seems like the perfect time to start drunk dialling, texting messaging your friends, your ex or even your boss. Frankly the consequences can be... err... life changing, to say the least. But now help is at hand thanks to Livr - the world's first social networking site especially for drunkards.

The app will only become accessible if the user's blood-alcohol level measures above a certain point on a mini breathalyser (sold seperately, obviously).The social network includes features such as a crowd-sourced Truth of Dare game and a Drunk Dial function that puts Livr users in touch with each other at random. Best of all the app features a 'Blackout' button which completely erases all evidence of what you've done that evening.

Kyle Addison and Avery Platz - the app’s creators - say that this might be useful if users want to “hook up or maybe start something – that’s totally within the realm of possibility.”

Oh and did we mention...its a hoax. Cheers!