Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Go on a Halal Holiday

A new site offers vacations especially for the observing Muslim...

Staff Writer

Are you a Muslim who's tired of being tempted on your travels? Well, now has the answer. The site claims to offer a wide range of features for tourists wishing to travel in accordance with the rules of Islam.

The site's chief executive Fazal Bahardeen believes “It is the world’s first fully-featured travel booking website for Muslim travelers,”  adding that the industry had been lacking a dedicated travel booking site catering to the needs of Islamic tourists.

The site features booking facilities for up to 400,000 hotels, as well as airlines and tour packages. Here at CairoScene, we can't help but wonder what exactly makes these particular holidays so Halal? After all, a day by the pool could lead to an eternity in the hell fire if a god-fearing Muslim caught a glimpse of some bikini clad flesh. And we can only imagine what Allah might think as you stare longingly at the mini bar in your hotel room.

The site features tour guides for Muslim-friendly cities as well as a list of Halal restaurants, mosques and so-called amenities, useful to the Muslim tourist.

Was it Allah's word which caused Bahardeen to set up the site or perhaps the fact that spending by Muslim travellers is set to reach $200 billion by 2020?

The answer – only God knows.