Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Goes Sailing: The Party Pirates

Cairo's first floating underground party is back on Friday 14th November. We sit down with party pirate Seif Bibars and DJs Ahmed Samy and $$$TAG$$$ ahead of the big day...

Staff Writer

For those who were part of the intimate crowd of Goes Sailing Party Pirates last year, ye will know that beyond the seas of Cairo's wave-less music venues there was a place free of judgement, free of table covers, intimidating bouncers and generic House drops. This place was border-less, a comfort zone for like-minded vanguards of Techno and alternative beats from far and wide to play their music to a crowd as open as the vastness of the Nile in which they set sail. Goes Sailing is a chance for the scene to literally drift away from the humdrum of Egypt's party landscape, on the only floating rave in town.

Goes Sailing leaves port once again for their season opener this Friday, November 14 on board the Golden Boat in Maadi for an all day shindig featuring quite literally the best local talent on the deck and behind the decks. $$$TAG$$$, curator at VENT and proliferator of fuck-up-your-face bass, Ahmed Samy, the Freddy Krueger of Egypt's nightlife, injecting your hazy hypnagogia with an artillery of endless dark modish Techno... taken into the sunlight who knows what will happen? We headed to the studio to sit down with the pair to find out more about what they have in store and their thoughts on the current partying scene in Cairo:

Goes Sailing Party footage by Ezzat Tadros

Tamer Auf, founder of the unforgettable Audio Damiana nights and fresh off recent releases on Sleazy Deep, Armada and Toolroom records, will be bringing some Tech and Deep House vibes to proceedings that'll make you go AUOOOFFF with one fist firmly raised into the sunset. Finally, and quite fittingly Fulltone; Amr Khaled's gorgeous melodic, guitar drenched live House sets will keep the boat balanced and make for a perfect score to your trip.

Ahead of the party, we speak to organiser Seif Bibars to find out more about the pirate ship and what makes ...Goes Sailing so special...

What do you not like about Egypt's current party/nightlife scene?

That it’s static. It's the same thing repeating itself every week, and while some nights out there are great, most are mediocre.

What was your idea behind starting Goes Sailing?

Filtering through the past couple of years of parties and club nights, you find that all the parties looked like each other because they all had one thing in common, and that's to make lots of money, or as much as they can at least. At …Goes Sailing, we're having a good time at a laid back party with a bunch of good people, and when it comes to making money all we're looking for is to break even, and if we turn a bit of a profit we'll always use it to make the party better. 

I had been making friends with several very good artists, both local and foreign, and some of whom had agreed to play for free, and so I started looking for a venue. The one I liked the best was a cruise ship.

What, for you, are the most important factors that make up a decent party?

First of all the music. If the music is good, then most likely people will have fun. But if you have the wrong crowd and people can't mingle properly or some people are making other people uncomfortable, then you lose the vibe. Success, to me, is the vibe. If the vibe is good, then people are having fun, and that should be your goal when working in entertainment.

What should people be most excited about for …Goes Sailing and what kind of atmosphere can people expect?

Well I myself am the most excited about this sound system we’ve got for Friday. We are fitting our sun deck with a Martin Audio MLA series (Multi-Cellular Line Array), and of course how will each DJ on our line-up sound on it. Every one of the artists playing at goes sailing has a unique sound, and I'm waiting to hear each one. The atmosphere is chilled at first, from noon till two... it's very laid back. The music and the general mood there will be tanning, swimming, good food, cheap drinks, and an amazing group of boys and girls that make up the crowd in Goes Sailing.

Tell us a bit more about the boat.

The boat is actually a medium sized cruise ship. It is also a five star hotel with rooms that are available as day use cabins or over night stay. The boat also has an indoor bar and a restaurant. The party is being held on the boats sundeck. The sundeck has a pool and chaises longues.

What do you do if the Goes Sailing party is commandeered by Somali pirates?

What do you do with Somali pirates? We'll find their leader and offer him a gig, Somali Pirates ...Goes Sailing.

For entrance or more info contact 01285430596 and/or request access to the Facebook group here.

Check out Goes Sailing on Facebook here