Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Gold's Gym Launches the First Gold's Studio Outside the US Here in Egypt

More surprises were dropped in the fancy Gold's Gym 20th Anniversary celebration at the luxurious Mena House last week.

Staff Writer

If you're an Egyptian who likes to keep in shape, life before 1997 must have been hell for you. With no better options in sight, most Egyptian fitness enthusiast at the time were left to the flawed instructions of uncertified trainers and outdated muscle-building equipment.

The opening of the first Gold's Gym branch in Egypt in 1997 brought with it the winds of change. With unprecedented investments in the highest fitness technologies and equipments, certifying trainers and applying global fitness standards, Gold's Gym was set out to change the rules of the fitness game in Egypt once and for all.

Gold's Gym's CEO Omar Salah

Two decades and twenty more branches later, Gold's Gym has expanded its superior services to the entirety of the capital, contributing to a very visible and dynamic fitness reawakening in the country, which is definitely a worthy cause for celebration.

And celebrate they did; on November 7th, a slew of Cairo's fitness gurus and respected public figures made their way to the glorious Mena House Hotel to celebrate Gold's Gym's 20th anniversary in Egypt accompanied by the top management of the global fitness brand.

Razan Maghraby Introducing Gold's Gym Top Global Management 

As the CEO of Gold's Gym Omar Salah Egypt took to the stage to narrate the 20-year success tale of Gold's Gym, he also had many surprises up his sleeves. Firstly, there's the launch of the master franchise of Gold's Studio in Egypt, which is set to, once again, shake Egypt's fitness world to the very core. With smaller required spaces and more professionally-structured programs, Gold's Studio is finally here to extend the superior Gold's experience to Egypt's most overlooked fitness market, Upper Egypt, in addition to Cairo and other Egyptian cities.

The Signing of Gold's Studio Franchise

With three certified programs - Gold's Fit, Gold's Burn and Gold's Cycle - crafted by Gold's Gym top fitness experts all the way from the US, Gold's Studio is out to cater to different fitness goals by turning vigorous full-body workouts into an enjoyable experiences using a mix of advanced tools and techniques.

Individual workout programs will be prepared by Gold's Gym US experts on a daily basis before they're delivered by the certified trainers on ground in various Gold's Gyms and Gold's Studios around the country.

While a lot could change for the worse in the span of 20 years, we're lucky to have had Gold's Gym changing how we train and keep fit for the past two decades, and it seems like the best is yet to come.

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