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Google Maps Takes Spain back to the Arab Occupation

It would appear that Andalucia has undergone time travel and has been transported back to Islamic rule as Google Maps shows historical names for southern Spanish towns.

Spain. A country loved for its climate, its food and most importantly its Sangria. A popular destination in the summer months, large parts of the country were once conquered and occupied by the Arabs (a bit of light trivia), and apparently Google Maps still thinks it is.

Towns and cities in the south of Spain are being renamed on Google Maps according to their former titles under the Islamic Kingdoms it was occupied by almost 1000 years ago.

First to undergo the change was the Andalusian city of Algeciras, near the famous rock of Gibraltar (otherwise known as Gabal Tarek) and the party town of Marbella, which suddenly appeared as Taifa de Algeciras, an independent Muslim principality in the 11tth century.

The towns of Niebla (the Spanish word for fog) and Albarracin were also subjected to the transformation becoming Taifa de Niebla and Taifa de Albarracin.

For those of you who don't know (we didn't either) Taifa was a term used to describe around 30 small Islamic learn something new every day. 

Andalucia's Islamic past remains a live political issue for some and after both al-Qaeda and ISIS released several statements over the past few months on their intention to 'liberate' Spain, which they refer to as Al-Andalus, from 'Christian rule', many Spanish citizens have voiced concern.

It is unknown who is behind the renaming however the Google spokesman in Madrid assures citizens the towns have been restored to their current names and this kind of violation will not be condoned. 

Phew! Google had us worried.